Dubrovnik or King’s Landing for some

Everyone that’s heard of Croatia has also heard about Dubrovnik. It’s our most famous place for tourists. That’s why we won’t tell you the typical story of Dubrovnik.


But what we will tell you that Game of Thrones has been filming here since season 2. And what’s more important, Dubrovnik is King’s Landing, the capital of Seven Kingdoms.


So let’s tell a tourist story about King’s Landing. You’ll get to know this fictional city while exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town that’s under UNESCO protection. Climb the city walls, picturing the bloody battles and visit Lovrijenac Fortress to learn about the evil exploits of the infamous King Joffrey. Follow in the footsteps of a girl that has no name.

If you have more time free, upgrade to include a 1.5-hour trip to Trsteno Arboretum with a guide. Explore the historical gardens, which were used as the King’s Landing palace gardens in the third ‘Game of Thrones’ series, and see incredible exotic plants plus a medley of architecture.

There are also tours that take you to a tour through King’s Landing by sea, even more, you can sail on the same ship that brought Daenerys Targaryen to the capital.


Right now (at the moment this article was written) Dubrovnik is a set of the new Robin Hood movie starring Jamie Dornan and Jamie Foxx and produced by Leonardo di Caprio.
So, it seems Hollywood has really recognized Dubrovnik as an ideal site for historical and fantasy entertainment.


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Ana Cetinić

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