Sailing with friends

Sailing with friends is lots of fun. It’s one of the most wonderful experiences you can have. You are together on a beautiful boat, surrounded by the sea and stunning nature. You swim together, eat, drink and have fun.

But it also takes a lot of patience, communication and adjustment.

That’s why we offer you the tips to minimize the potential downsides and enjoy the fascinating Croatian coast together.

Here are our tips:

Make sure one person is always responsible for the boat.

It is good to provide a basic daily schedule. Decide whether you’ll get together for lunch and/or dinner, where will you be that day, and when you’ll berth.

Name a cook for each day and let them plan the menu and clean up afterwards. 

Tell your friends to bring their own entertainment. On passage you have up to 16 hours of leisure a day and everyone needs to work out how they will fill the time, whether it is reading, listening to music, playing games, fishing or learning.

It’s essential to have your own space. Having more than four people on the boat does not allow enough privacy for most people. Private lockers for personal food, a curtain dividing the saloon from the galley and chart table are all useful.

Also, be clear about money in advance. Usually friends pay for their own airfare and contribute to food, drink and email on board, based on estimated cost per person. They also usually share marina costs, car rental, tours and meals out equally.


Our final advice is to sail with people you know are very organised, but quite easygoing.

Do’s and don’ts


√ Communicate the excitement of cruising.

√ Be flexible about others.

√ Meet all potential crew members (whether they are your friends or a friend of a friend) at least once before crusing.



X Get locked into a rigid schedule.

X Impose a one-size-fits-all approach to vacation.


Happy sailing everyone!

Ana Cetinić

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