Sailing route – South Dalmatia

Sailing through South Dalmatia is a special experience due to its somewhat undiscovered treasures.

South Dalmatia is at the very eastern tip of Croatia, and since it’s so far away it is often left out and both locals and tourists don’t visit as much as they should. But not for a good reason. South Dalmatia has lots of hidden spots and beautiful clear sea. We could call Dubrovnik the capital of South Dalmatia. And now back to our route.

This is the map of your route:

You start your journey in Dubrovnik, a city that is very popular among tourists and sailors.

Dubrovnik is famous for its Old Town that’s under UNESCO protection. You can climb the city walls and see the city from above or just walk around the centre. The medieval city walls are best explored with a full-circuit, two-kilometre walk along the battlements. The walls date back to the 13th century. You can also visit Maritime Museum. Dubrovnik’s enormous wealth was based upon merchant shipping – in the 16th century it had one of the world’s largest fleets, with over 180 ships and 4000 sailors. In St John’s Fortress, which guards the entrance to the old harbour, you can trace the development of the republic’s naval power. During the last few years, Dubrovnik has become famous for being the set of Game of Thrones, and more so, the capital – King’s Landing. That increased its popularity and other movie sets joined like the Star Wars and Robin Hood.

Your next stop is Lopud. This small, car-free island is absolutely perfect for those wanting to get away from it all, seeking to spend a peaceful few days having a holiday in the sun. Sunj (pronounced shoon) beach is the best beach in the Elafiti Islands. It’s composed of fine, white sand (extremely rare in Croatia) and is backed by lush, green hills.

Saplunara bay on Mljet is next. It is a tiny little bay located at the Eastern tip of the Island. Because of its sandy beaches Saplunara name has roots in Latin word for sand – “sabulum”.

Then you come to Pomena, which is a part of National park Mljet. Pomena is a little settlement with just 50 inhabitants. It is mostly known as a fishing village, so try their local fish specialities.

The furthest part of the trip is Zaklopatica on Lastovo. Zaklopatica is one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic; it is in the shelter of strong winds. Its untouched nature and clean salty air will be your mind and body healer.

Next we arrive at Korčula, the city of Marko Polo, or a small Dubrovnik. It has medieval walls and towers that protect the city. So walk around the old town and climb up the Revelin tower to see the view from above. There is also Marko Polo house where it was believed Marko Polo once stayed. Truth or not, it’s worth the visit.

After Korčula, route takes you again to Mljet, in Polace. It is the largest and the safest bay on the whole island, as it is secluded and sheltered by 4 small islands. Because of its sheltered position, Polace is very popular bay among sailors and yachtsman to do their anchorage there. Polace has a number of ancient ruins dating from the 1st to the 6th centuries. Of greatest significance is the Roman palace from 5th century whose walls dominates the village.

The trip ends at the same place it started, beautiful Dubrovnik.

Hope you liked our sailing route, feel free to write us how was your travel.

Dock yourself!

Ana Cetinić

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