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Sailing route – South Dalmatia

Sailing through South Dalmatia is a special experience due to its somewhat undiscovered treasures.

South Dalmatia is at the very eastern tip of Croatia, and since it’s so far away it is often left out and both locals and tourists don’t visit as much as they should. But not for a good reason. South Dalmatia has lots of hidden spots and beautiful clear sea. We could call Dubrovnik the capital of South Dalmatia. And now back to our route.

Carnivals in Croatia

It’s the season to be… well, everyone else but ourselves. 🙂

And why is that… because this is the time of the carnivals all over Croatia! Carnivals have a very long tradition here, with one purpose, so that people can have fun, banish all things bad and to start again fresh, happy and free of all bad that’s been bothering them during winter.