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Winds in Croatia

When sailing, the main thing you have to do is to use the winds. in the Croatian Adriatic sea we have different kinds of winds.

by: Emil Tomasevic


Here is a little glossary of the most common winds in Croatia:

BURA is a dry, very cold northern (from NNE to ENE) wind. It blows over the slopes of coastal mountains bringing cold air, causing a lot of trouble, especially to inexperienced sailors because of its strong blows and rapid change of direction. Around midday it usually weakens but in the afternoon it gets stronger again. Bura leaves you little time to escape or prepare before you meet its

What you should know about sailing in Croatia

First thing you should know is – you’ll fall in love with Croatia once you visit.
If you sail here once, you’ll definitely come back. So be careful – Croatian seaside will get under your skin 🙂

Second, Croatia has 1246 islands, islets and inlets for you to sail. And only 47 islands are inhabited. Which leaves you with plenty of islands for you to explore without any distractions and, may we say, inhibitions.

Third, most of the anchorage is free. You can drop your anchor almost anywhere you want. However, marinas do provide services and comfort you’ll surely want during your trip.

Split is the most popular area to sail. We definitely recommend